Let's start off with the Trinity.  Is that blasphemous?  I am not sure, but these are the cookbooks that top my list of favorites.  These aren't necessarily in order since I really couldn't pick a favorite.  I love them all.

This book has so many great and simple recipes in it.  I don't remember ever making anything from it that hasn't been delicious!  His instructions also often incorporate both food processor or mixer and instructions and by hand instructions, which is very helpful.  I really think Mark and I could be great friends, if he only knew who I was. :)

I just went old-school on everyone.  It saddens me to realize that this is now called the 1997 Joy of Cooking because there is more than one newer addition now out.  Was 1997 really that long ago?  Anywho, even though it's old school, this is still one of my favorite cookbooks.  Sometimes I think old school is better anyway.

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 15th Edition (Better Homes & Gardens Plaid)
I got the Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook: 11th Edition for my wedding shower and it soon became my favorite and one of my only cookbooks.  I wasn't ring bound and started falling apart.  I have since punched holes in pages a section at a time and put it in a binder.  That's how much I love it and how much I have used it.  These books have simple recipe with easy to find ingredients and they are always good. I also have 2 of the newer versions and I love them all.  The 15th edition shown above and this one: New Cook Book, Limited Edition "Pink Plaid" : For Breast Cancer Awareness (Better Homes & Gardens)

Although these next few books aren't in the top three, I still love them immensely and would recommend them to anyone.  Actually depending on the day, I might swap one of these out for a member of the top three.

For a while I was obsessed with everything Taste of Home.  What could be better than having cherished family recipes from others?  I really don't know.  I don't think you can go wrong with anything Taste of home.  My grandma would give me the yearly cookbook every year for Christmas and I couldn't get enough.  I wish she had kept that up because I am sadly behind now.  Her gifts were what got me so excited about everything Taste of Home and a couple years ago I got this big book.  I also have these Taste of Home books:

I have also read a lot of great advice from this cookbook.  Like how to chop weird vegetables.
There is also a newer version out that I would love to have.  That reminds me, I need to add that to my wish list.  Along with the newer How to Cook Everything!

Maybe at some point I will try to put more of my books on here that I love.  I have over 70 and that doesn't include the little church and community cookbooks I have.  I know, I think I might have a problem.  Maybe the name of my blog should have been Crazy Cookbook Collector.  I just checked and it's available, maybe I should change my blog name.  I will think on that.

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