Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bake 52: Crunchy Granola Bars

We are almost completely moved out of our old place, we just have a few random things left to take care of and a bit of cleaning to do.  Tonight we were there finishing some things up and Tyler broke 4 of my pasta bowls.  My pasta bowls that we got for our wedding and I have been in love with since day 1.  Every time we have moved, I have wrapped them meticulously and marked the box, "PASTA BOWLS, BREAK AND DIE."  They made the move from Utah to South Dakota, back to Utah, (I didn't take them to Texas or Hawaii, they were in storage) and to California all in one piece.  I broke one of them a few months ago and spent a significant period of time mourning.  And now we have moved 1 mile and broken 4 more.  Leaving only 3.  We can't even have a meal with them now.  This could possibly be the worst day of my life and I am currently restraining myself from choking Tyler with my bare hands.  (I could, possibly, be acting a bit dramatic right now....)

The second worst thing that happened today was when my granola bars didn't go perfectly.  I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but they are a bit brown.  I was supposed to toast the oats for 20-25 minutes before assembling the bars until they were light golden.  I went with 20 minutes and they were more like golden, golden.  Or maybe darker.  After the final baking, they were just too done and it came through in the taste.  It might be my oven, it might be California, it might be that this day was just out to destroy me from the get-go....who knows!  

Next time, I might go with 10 minutes and see what happens.  And I will make these again.  I can tell they have serious potential if I can get it right.  I omitted the cinnamon and added about 1/4 cup of coconut and a handful of chocolate chips when I mixed everything together.  No regrets there, I would do that part again in a heart beat.  Luckily I halved the recipe so we don't have quite a many reject-bars hanging around (we do have quite a few though).  And as an added bonus, Hadlee and I had a lesson on area and what pan would work to half the batch if the recipe called for an 18x13 pan.

 If you want to try the recipe, you can visit Emily's blog for the recipe.  Thanks for hosting this week Emily, I can't wait to try these again and make them better next time!

PS.  I hope to be back to regular posting soon!  I am starting to feel like getting back in the kitchen finally!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bake 52: Glazed Lime Cookies

If you've seen any of the other posts from our baking group today, you know these are supposed to be lemon cookies.  I could make up some great excuses why I used lime instead of lemon but the main reason, and most influential one, is simply that I am lazy.  (I tell you guys all the time, do you believe me yet?)  I had everything to make these cookies except lemons and I happen to have an abundance of limes.  I now have lime trees in my backyard!!!  It's like Christmas everyday.  Once I get my life together, I will share some pictures of the new place but for now, just know that I have lime trees.  (I hope Valerie won't be too mad at me for changing the recipe again)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TWD: Popovers

This week was eye-opening for me.  Where have popovers been all my life?  I don't know but we are never to be parted again.  I felt like these were a cross between German pancakes (you know, the kind that puff up in the oven?) and the pastry used for eclairs and cream puffs (pâte à choux). They were so, so easy that I am going to need to make them all the time.  I am seriously in love. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Salsa Chicken in the Crock pot (or slow cooker)

 Since our move started, I haven't really been feelin' it when it comes to cooking or menu planning. And that means that just about every night is like an episode of Chopped around here.  I rummage through the pantry and fridge to find anything that will go together and then I throw it all in a pan to make dinner.  Sometimes we end up with things we have eaten before and sometimes a whole new creation is born.  And sometimes we decide that we really need to go shopping because the creations are getting a bit out of hand.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bake 52: Raspberry Streusel Bars

I know I still shouldn't be blaming my move for being so unorganized.  I mean, it's almost been two weeks.  But I have developed this nasty reading habit on top of everything else and I can't seem to shake it.  I took a break from reading and not organizing my life to make these bars.  They aren't really my thing since there isn't a speck of chocolate involved and I had to really restrain myself from adding it in some form along the way.  I did try one and they were pretty good, but since I knew Tyler's classmates might enjoy them more, I sent them to school with him today.  They have a buttery, crumbly crust, raspberry (and strawberry in my case) filling and topped with a streusel topping.  He reported back that everyone loved them and a few of them told him how lucky he is (I think it's good for him to hear that from someone besides me).  He said that he had 2 and they were delicious. 

Happy 100th Julia and 200 blog posts!

I think if Julia were alive, she would appreciate this video.  It makes me want to listen to it while I am cooking. :)  My aunt posted it to her facebook page and I knew I wanted to share it after watching. 

This is my 200th blog post.  Fitting that it's on Julia's 100th birthday, I think she has inspired everyone who enjoys cooking, in some way or another.  I remember having her cookbooks on our shelves when I was young and her book is one of the cookbooks I stole from my mom when I moved out of the house.  Now I just need to use it more, it intimidates me a little.  But I think we had something in common; it's all about the food.  My goal for the next year is to make more recipes of Julia's.  I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

I have my Bake 52 post in the works, that will be up later today!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bake 52: Cheddar Cheese Bread

 Much like the Irish Soda Bread we made for TWD (I think I liked this one better because unlike the soda bread, it's baked in a loaf pan), this bread is leavened without yeast and doesn't need any rising time.  This is the kind of bread that would come in handy if you were having a meal that would benefit from bread and didn't have to time to mess with the yeast.  Or if you hate yeast, this is the perfect bread for you.  I reminded me of biscuits and I think I am going to use the left over bread to make breakfast sandwiches tomorrow.  And I think it's going to be delicious.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TWD: Apple-Berry Galette

 Well, I am alive.  I am not organized.  I am still semi-living-out-of-boxes.  The kitchen is put together, of course.  That was first, but I can't say the same about the other 3 rooms in the house.  (5 if you count the bathrooms which I probably should since they also need to be taken care of.) This is our 10th move since Tyler and I got married 13 years ago and I can't say I hate it any less than the first move.  I will feel like I have arrived in this life when I can pay someone to pack and move all my crap for me.  I would say we are here to stay except I know we will be moving in 3 years when Tyler is done with school so at least one more move to come.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Summer Bucket List

I am about to be knee deep in packing and moving.  I have tried to put it off long enough.  But I have come to realize that it was either me or the oven; one of us had to go.  I would have rather chucked the oven off the balcony but I will settle for moving to a place with a backyard for the kiddos and hopefully an oven that doesn't hate me (and try to kill me).  I thought that since I would be off the radar for a couple days, I would give you a bucket list.  Summer is coming to a close right before our eyes and these are a few of the things I think you shouldn't miss.  If you do miss them, however, you can make them anytime.  No rules here.
Grilling? This is one our favorite things to grill.

This no-cook vanilla ice cream is seriously so good.  Especially with frozen (or fresh) raspberries on top!

Avocado and Mango salsa.  So delicious and a little twist on regular salsa.  Eat it with just tortilla chips or on top of a salad, chicken or fish.

Fudge Covered Frozen Bananas.  It's almost healthy because there is fruit involved, right?  That's what I tell myself anyway.

Broccoli Salad.  One of my favorite salads.  I make it year-round, but it's great for a bbq side.

Fresh Strawberry Shakes.  I am also guilty of making this anytime of year.  So, so good.

This Chicken-Mango and Cilantro Pesto Panini is one of my favorite sandwiches.  I love everything about it.  You can use whatever bread you have and it will still be drool-worthy.

Fresh Corn Salad is a must-make.  This is fresh and semi-healthy and super delicious.

Mini Fruit Pizzas.  Essentially sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and fruit on top.  And if you are asking me, this is what heaven is like.  In July or December. :)

Not only has my mouth been watering this whole time, but I have noticed that my photography has gotten a bit better!  It's obvious from the photos which photos are from older posts.  Look past the quality of the photos and don't miss out. :)

Ugh.  Now onto packing and moving.  I might throw myself off the balcony instead.  Don't worry if I do, Tyler has his RECIPES FOR TYLER IN CASE AMANDA DIES label.  Moving might kill me anyway.  Have a great couple of days!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bake 52: Monkey Bread

MMMMMMMMMMMMonkey bread!  I haven't made monkey bread before.  I guess when I crave something like this I always go immediately to cinnamon rolls.  This is just as delicious as cinnamon rolls but less formal and also, somehow, still super impressive looking.  

I took some to my neighbor and when he answered the door (shirt-less, I might add.  Awkward!) he asked if it was homemade.  (More awkward!)  I never know what to say to people in that situation.  Yeah, it's homemade because I am awesome?  That seems weird, so instead I launch into this story about how I am in this online baking group and each week we bake something and this week.....and now it's even more awkward because I am rambling on to him about online baking groups while he stands there with his shirt off and monkey bread in his hand. (The most awkward thing ever.) He seemed to be impressed that I said it was homemade (in about 3 million words) before I ran off to lock myself into my apartment and never set foot outside again without duct-taping my mouth shut.

I am glad I gave half of it away because otherwise I would have kept eating it and we all know I don't need that.

I decided the easiest way to divide the dough into 36 pieces was to roll it into a square and cut it, then form into balls.  I am not sure if that was the easiest way or not but I always feel better when my ruler is close by.
I was a bit heavy-handed with the brown sugar mixture and used 50% more than the recipe specified.  But it goes nicely with my belief that you can never have too much brown sugar.
 After the rise.
 Once again, my oven baked way faster than the recipe said.  I think it was almost not quite done in the middle, but almost burning on the outside.  I can't wait until I never see that oven again.  I am sure it feels the same way about me.  So don't feel bad for it, the feeling is mutual.
 This is a great recipe, if you want to give it a try, you can visit Jenn Z.'s blog.  She was our lovely hostess for this week.  Thanks for picking a great recipe!

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